Rhino Steel Buildings

In the world of prefab metal building kits, Rhino Buildings stands out in the crowd. With a reputation for offering quality and durability, Rhino is a go-to option for many metal building buyers.

Save Up To 33% On Your Kit

Company History

The Rhino Steel Building Company was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Denton, Texas. The company aims to treat customers with honesty, integrity and respect, and these values have helped Rhino earn a reputation as one of the best in the business. In fact, more than 30% of the company’s sales are from repeat customers.

Rhino maintains an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, and the company continues to grow every year.

Today, there are thousands of Rhino buildings throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

While Rhino does not have its own steel building contractors, they can connect customers with independent erectors.

Rhino Steel Buildings and Prices

Rhino offers prefabricated buildings for just about every application, including:

  • Metal shops or garages
  • Riding arenas and stables
  • Agricultural use, including barns
  • Automotive workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial buildings, including restaurants and retailers
  • Places of worship
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Storage
  • Home hobby shops and storage
  • Garages
  • Industrial use
  • Transportation and trucking
  • Aircraft hangars

All Rhino buildings are made to meet all snow load, wind load and seismic requirements for their building locations. Rhino steel building systems can also slash construction time by an impressive 33%.

Rhino buildings come with 3 sets of engineer-stamped plans as well as a Letter of Certification. Installation is free, but you are responsible for ensuring that your land is level and ready for building.

Rhino also offers a rent to own option with no credit check.

The company’s building categories include:

Rhino Commercial Buildings

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  • Starting at around $6,200
  • 29-gauge metal
  • 8’ legs
  • 14-gauge 2-1/2″ tubing
  • Concrete anchors

Rhino’s commercial buildings are fully enclosed, with widths ranging from 12’ to 40’ wide. Buildings can be customized to your size, color and shape needs. Add windows and garage doors if you want.

Rhino’s commercial buildings are built to withstand heavier loads and have larger spans.


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  • Starting at around $3,900
  • 29-gauge metal
  • Center braces
  • 14-gauge 2-1/2″ tubing
  • Concrete anchors or rebar

Garages are also available in 12’-40’ widths. Boxed eave, regular and vertical options are available.


  • Starting at around $1,100
  • 29-gauge metal
  • 4 corner braces
  • Center peak braces
  • Concrete anchors or rebar

Rhino’s carports are available in 12’-24’ widths and heights up to 16.’ They can be customized to your needs, and triple wide carports are available if you have serious storage needs. Choose from vertical, regular and boxed eave options.


  • Starting at around $4,500
  • 29-gauge metal
  • 14 gauge 2-1/2″ tubing
  • Center peak braces
  • Trim package

Rhino’s barns consist of three sections, which together, make a 54’ wide structure. Different sizes are available for each section. Summit, Pinnacle and Apex options are available.

More details about pricing and sizes are available on Rhino’s website.

What Sets Rhino Apart from the Competition?

Rhino Buildings has been in business for decades, and that’s because they offer quality prefab metal building kits and excellent service.

#1 – Valuable Features

Rhino provides a number of value-added benefits with their buildings, including:

  • Commercial-grade steel framing
  • Prefab framing components that are welded, cut and pre-drilled prior to delivery
  • Easy, bolt-together design
  • Trim in your choice of color
  • Pre-welded clips for easy attachment of purlins and girts
  • Framing for doors up to 30’ wide
  • Steel anchor bolt plan
  • 49-page installation manual as well as a DVD
  • Self-drilling washers and fasteners with a lifetime warranty ensuring no rust forms on the zinc head

#2 – Easy Assembly

According to Rhino, many customers choose to erect their own buildings. Rhino’s prefabricated building kits arrive with the components already cut, drilled and welded for easy installation.

The company can also offer assistance throughout the building process by answering questions and providing guidance.

Rhino estimates that a 40’ x 60’ x 14’ building takes five days to erect with a three-man crew. The company can provide information on the equipment you will need to install your building.

#3 – 26-Gauge Steel Roof and Wall Panels

Rhino buildings are constructed with strong PBR, Purlin Bearing Rib, wall and roof panels. These panels are made from 26-gauge, high-strength steel and feature an additional overlap for even greater water resistance and strength.

Panels are also coated with Galvalume for weather protection and a panel color on top of the Galvalume layer. Both the Galvalume layer and the color coating are backed by a 25-year warranty.

#4 – Formed Base Trim

All Rhino buildings have a formed base trim, which adds color, but also offers other benefits.

  • Saves an average of 4 yards of concrete for a 5,000 square foot building. That equates to hundreds of dollars in savings.
  • Eliminates the need for 1-1/2″ notches in the concrete surrounding the slab. The trim will not sit on concrete, which can lead to rusting.

Base trims are available in all the same colors as the wall panels, so they blend right in with the rest of the building.

#5 – Metal Ridge Caps

Rhino buildings have metal ridge caps that can be made to fit all panel shapes, allowing for a tighter seal at the roof seam. Not only does this help with weatherproofing, but it also helps keep pests out.

#6 – Closure Strips

For even greater weatherproofing, Rhino buildings have a special sealing system designed of foam rubber. These closure strips are located at the roof, base and eaves of the building.

Rhino Steel Building Systems offers an impressive collection of prefab metal building kits, all of which can be customized to your needs.

Rhino Steel Building Systems

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