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When you want to save money on electronics, clothing, or other merchandise online, where do you typically turn? Many people will answer “eBay.”

If you are looking to save money on a metal structure, you may be wondering whether you can also rely on eBay for savings on a prefab building kit. If so, will you still receive the high quality you could expect if you ordered through regular retail channels?

Is It Worth Buying Your Metal Building Kit On eBay?

For your reference, we have seen these quotes for DIY residential steel building kits:

  • 1,200 square feet: $12,000
  • 1,600 square feet: $13,500
  • 2,000 square feet: $15,000

And we have encountered this price range for commercial steel buildings:

  • $16-$20 per square foot (this estimate includes costs for building a foundation, delivery, and labor)

Here are common per-square-foot costs for different types of steel structures:

  • $7 per square foot for rigid frame construction.
  • $5 per square foot for a Quonset hut.

Doing the math, we have found that most metal building closeouts we see for sale on eBay are below with these retail price ranges.

It is common for metal building companies to run steel building closeouts on eBay. If you keep an eye out for these clearance sales, you can sometimes snag massive discounts on high-quality steel prefab structures.   This is a common factory unclaimed buildings type of sales approach but when it comes to eBay the data shows it actually can save you money.

The Benefits of Buying a Metal Building Kit on eBay

Beyond the obvious potential for cost savings, there are a few other good reasons to think about shopping on eBay for metal building kits:

  • Many of the sellers you see on eBay are the same trusted companies that you may already be familiar with. While they may sell their products on their websites, they also operate eBay pages so that customers have more ways to discover them and buy from them. So you can get the same great products from the same reliable manufacturers, but often at a lower cost.
  • On eBay, you can readily view customer feedback. When you’re shopping on an independent website, you need to conduct research to find out what customer experiences have been like. But on eBay, you can click through to any seller’s feedback page and quickly find out how satisfied buyers have been recently and overall across the years.
  • You can rapidly compare features and costs between brands. Since many sellers and products are available on eBay, you can quickly and easily go over numerous options for the type of structure that you are searching for and find the one which will offer you the best value at the most reasonable price.
  • eBay protects buyer purchases. Another advantage of shopping on eBay for a metal building kit is the eBay Money Back Guarantee, applicable to “virtually everything” on eBay. If your order isn’t what the seller described (or fails to show up), you can contact eBay for arbitration if necessary. eBay guarantees to contact buyers utilizing this feature within 48 hours to help them get their money back.
  • One more reason to think about looking for metal buildings on eBay is simple convenience. Chances are good you already have an eBay account and know the drill shopping there.  You can usually make an offer and negotiate a further discount with the seller directly.

Some eBay Steel Building Companies to Consider

Where can you start in your search for high-quality steel buildings on eBay?

Following are our top recommended sellers with trusted feedback from buyers.

#1- Simpson Steel Buildings

Located in Van Buren, Arizona, this company manufactures a variety of pre-engineered structures out of 26-gauge steel sheeting and red iron structural steel. Products include steel truss frame and rigid frame structures as well as mini storage units.  For certain metal home kits, they give you a range and some customization options.

#2- Duro Steel Buildings

Duro Steel Buildings

Duro Steel is among the biggest names in metal building manufacturing.

In fact, they have had major corporate clients such as Disney, SpaceX, John Deere, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Harley-Davidson. They have refined their fabrication methods in order to produce buildings more efficiently and economically without compromising on quality. Products include Quonset huts, hangars, mini storage units, and more.

They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

#3- Value Steel Factory Buildings

Value Steel, Inc., also known as Steel Factory Mfg., is a company which proudly produces its metal prefab buildings in the United States.

They guarantee that theirs are the “lowest prices in the country.” Products available from this manufacturer include garages, warehouses, carports, and more.

They have a special focus on Quonset huts which can serve a wide variety of functions.

#4- Elite Garage Kits

Are you in the market for a garage or carport?

While the sellers listed above are all great options, you might also want to take a look at Elite Garage Kits, a seller which specializes in both. You’ll find some high-quality, affordable products on their page, and you’ll notice that they have been receiving fantastic customer feedback since joining eBay back in 2007.

Conclusion: eBay Can be a Smart, Cost-Effective Option for Your Next Steel Building Kit But Do Your Homework First

You are familiar now with some of the most trusted steel building kit sellers on eBay as well as some of the benefits of using eBay to purchase a metal building. Along with the chance to save money, you have the added peace of mind which comes with transparent seller ratings and the eBay Money Back Guarantee.   For buyers, it is another tool in negotiations you can use when pricing your building.

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