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Allied Steel has one main focus: the customer. The company wants to build lasting relationships, and they have succeeded in building these lasting relationships since 2003 when they made their first phone call.

Allied Steel Company History

Allied Steel has been in business since 2003. The company made their first phone call with a customer-first approach, and they have maintained this same approach, working with over 5,000 customers.

The company works with everyone from local communities to large-scale developments.

Allied Steel works with customers to build value while focusing on transparency, trust, accountability and respect. The customer is always put first, and this allows Allied to always set the bar high with their projects.

The company’s humble beginnings started in an apartment in Florida, and within a year, the company had a portfolio of more than 100 steel buildings across the United States. Canadian and Latin American customers would start using Allied Steel for their expertise in steel building, and the company would eventually open their first international office in Panama.

By 2014, the company’s footprint had grown to 65 countries worldwide.


Allied Building Products

Allied may work with large-scale communities and businesses to create spectacular metal buildings, but the company has an array of pre-engineered steel buildings to meet the needs of consumers worldwide.

The company has specialists in several industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Cold storage
  • Commercial
  • Community
  • Industrial
  • Aviation
  • Spirits
  • Warehouses
  • Sports and recreation
  • Workshops

An expert is ready to assist customers with all of their project needs. The company’s experts will listen to your goals and unique project requirements to discuss the feasibility of the project.

The custom solutions are just one approach that the company takes to meet the needs of their customers.

DIY Solutions

Allied will also help with other products, including DIY solutions and building kits. The building kits allow for you to be able to get a garage or workshop up quickly and easily. A few different kits options are:

  • Apex – 20′ x 20’x 10’ building that has a 2:12 pitch and an 8’ x 8’ roll-up door
  • Icon – 30′ x ‘40’ x 12’ building with a 2:12 pitch and a 10’ x 10’ roll-up door
  • Pinnacle – 40’ x 60’ x 16’ building with a 2:12 pitch and an 8’ x 10’ roll-up door

The kits include several key features:

  • Solid red iron I-beams
  • Wall girts and roof purlins
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Carbon steel fasteners
  • Sun guard paneling
  • Pre-welded clips
  • Industrial rod bracings
  • Base closures
  • Bolts, hardware and nuts
  • Trim package
  • 80k PSI weather lock roof system

Pre-welded and pre-cut design for easy building erection.

When working with Allied, you’re able to receive a free quote for all of your building needs.

Their panels come with a 40-year warranty and there are 23 regional distribution points.

Since all of the components are precut, they’re ready to bolt together to save on:

  • Total assembly time
  • Labor costs
  • Construction waste

Working on Custom Solutions

Building customization allows for large-scale or unique projects to be completed. When working with Allied, the company will sit down and discuss your project needs and requirements. The team will include engineers and technicians to make sure the project is viable.

The custom approach includes:

  • Initial Assessments – An overview of the technical aspects and approaches that will be taken. The initial assessment will determine if steel is a viable option for the project and also what the impact of the structure will be on another structure if the new structure is an addition.
  • Engineering Consultations – Consultations with engineers that will be available from the presentation and evaluation phase to the inspection phase.
  • Design Collaborations – Collaboration with design and project experts to quickly design and complete drawings and specs for a project.

The company offers multiple additional solutions, including evaluations, structural design, project management, material sourcing, material fabrication and also support with the installation process.

Allied’s approach to customer satisfaction allows for streamlining the building fabrication and installation process while meeting local codes and requirements.

Allied Steel’s International Footprint

Allied is seen as one of the top international pre-engineered metal building experts in the world.

The company’s large portfolio of custom prefab warehouses and buildings demonstrates the company’s willingness and ability to adhere to international building standards.

The company’s international footprint has allowed for delivery in 65 international markets.

Projects have been completed in:

  • United States
  • Caribbean
  • Africa
  • Latin America
  • United Kingdom

Allied has worked with major companies, including Nestle to create a large-scale distribution center. Partnerships with individuals and companies have allowed buildings to be fabricated, engineered and delivered with the highest expectations across the world.

Allied has also helped enterprises in Aruba with the development of the Eagle Commerce Complex. The complex helps provide synergy to workplaces, with a structure that allows for fast assembly, high durability and sustainability.

Projects that Allied has completed internationally include:

  • Prefabricated School – A pre-engineered school in Chile. The school was the largest and most ambitious pre-fab metal structure in the country. The school has three floors and spans 2,180 square meters.
  • Bonaire – A project for an innovative businessman. The project is 75’ x 80’ x 21’ and spans two stories. Commercial and office space are available. The Alpha & Omega Laundry building is 24 feet high and spans 8,500 square feet.
  • Guyana – When a warehouse was burned down, Allied was called in to assist in the construction of a 75,400 square foot warehouse that included a parking area, vehicle workshop and administrative building.
  • Reina Beatrix Airport – Two terminals, adding 12,838 square foot of space, were added to accommodate the airport’s heavy business and private use.
  • The End of the World – A Chilean businessman wanted to create two warehouses for his growing cargo transportation businesses. Located in port cities, the warehouses allow the businessman to distribute food rapidly for the fish farming industry.

Allied works extensively, from start to finish, with their customers both national and international. Working closely together allows for the customer’s goals to be met with steel buildings that can be assembled quickly and allow for high-end durability.

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