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Big Buildings Direct was founded on the concept of working hard for the customer. The company works closely with customers to provide an impeccable service, great aesthetics all while trying to provide the best value possible.

The company believes in quality over quantity.

And while we have heard that before in this industry, in our case this turned out to be 100% true.  In the spring of 2019, one of our customers was interested in buiding a custom barn shop in central Florida and wanted to compare prices.   We helped them get pricing from 4 southeast contractors.  They decided to go with the lowest priced bid against our suggestions.   Big Buildings Direct initially turned down the job due to the customer requesting that they price match competitors.  In this case, it truly wasn’t about selling more jobs but providing quality and value.  They easily could have lowered their bid just to get the work, but they did not and wished the customer good luck.

After a few missteps with the “cheaper” contractor,  we recommend the client go back to Big Buildings Direct.  They did and were very pleased with the build process and quality.

Metal Barn by Big Buildings Direct

As your building partner, Big Buildings Direct is 100% committed to you – the customer.

Available 24/7 throughout the entire building process, Big Buildings Direct offers you the best thanks to the company’s:

  • Warranties, which can be as long as 50 years
  • Free delivery to save you money
  • 100% customizable buildings with 3D imaging
  • American-made steel

If you know your size requirements, their representatives can walk you through the entire process.  They require the following specifications for a direct quote:

  • Your location
  • Building width
  • Building length
  • Building height

If your site is all ready for an install, it will speed up the process even further.

When you choose a metal building through the company, you’re choosing a company that offers:

  • Thousands of metal building options
  • 100% customization of the entire building
  • Quality certification for peace of mind
  • Delivery and installation of the building
  • Expert installers that always triple check their work
  • Specialists who will guide you through the entire building process

Big Buildings Direct guarantees the lowest price and highest quality construction. Building specialists will provide a realistic delivery time and are known for having the industry’s fastest delivery time. When you want the best, with the fastest delivery time, this is the one metal building company that you’ll want by your side.


Big Buildings Direct Specialties

When you need a custom metal building, you’ll have three main categories to choose from:

Metal Barns

Barns of all shapes and sizes can be created and purchased. Of course, you can also go with a custom solution if there isn’t a satisfactory building already available for you. Filters make it easy to find barns that meet your requirements.

You’ll be able to filter by price, which is:

  • $0 to $5,000
  • $5,000 to $10,000
  • $10,000 to $15,000
  • $15,000 to $20,000
  • $20,000 to $25,000
  • $25,000+

Buildings can also be narrowed by:

  • Width, which can be between 12-feet and 60-feet
  • Square footage, which can be between 240 square foot and 7,200 square foot

A lot of premade options are available, but you will have to call for pricing. The pricing may vary depending on delivery location, but the company can provide a custom price for you.

Commercial Metal Buildings

Commercial metal buildings come with all of the same, great filters that are available under the metal barn section. What’s different about these buildings is their design and layout. You’ll find numerous options available, but a few of the most common are:

  • Commercial garages
  • Metal buildings with bay doors
  • Large-scale buildings that are ideal for office space

A lot of these buildings are expansive, including the massive Violet, which spans 50’ x 120’ x 16’.

When you purchase metal buildings, the shell is delivered and installed for you. The company will install the garage door’s openings and framing, but you’re free to finish up the complete customization.

Choosing metal buildings speeds up the build time while allowing you to still make the building your own through further customization.

Metal Garages

Premium built metal garages are next in Big Buildings Direct’s lineup of metal buildings. Filters remain the same as the previous two categories. The options are extensive and allow for both residential and commercial garage applications.

You’ll find:

  • Single bay garages the size of a workshop to allow for additional storage space
  • Two door garages that allow for a more traditional, smaller space
  • Multiple bay garages that are ideal if you have an autobody shop or fleet of vehicles

Dozens of metal garage options are available, easily making this the company’s most expansive set of metal buildings available.

When you order your building, it’s ideal to take the time to speak to a customer representative. The rep will walk you through the process and be able to discuss certifying your building to the county’s codes.

Certification allows you peace of mind in knowing that the building is up to your local area’s standards. Local standards are in place so that the building can withstand your area’s wind and snow ratings.

When you go through the online products, you’ll be able to see in-depth information on every building in the company’s portfolio. You’ll be able to apply for financing and will also be able to see:

  • Description of the building
  • Features included in the building
  • Guides and information
  • Color options
  • Full outline of building specs

Customer reviews of each product are also provided. You’ll be able to take a sneak peek into what other people are saying about the product you’re interested in.

Big Buildings Direct

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