Curvco Steel Structures

Curvco Steel Structures offer many unique, strong buildings that are 100% manufactured in the United States using US steel. The company distributes homes worldwide and can build structures of any lengths with widths of 10’ to 140’.

Save Up To 33% On Your Kit

All structures can be fully customized to meet residential and commercial applications. Their steel arch homes were one of the first quonset style houses we featured on our site. We have been a big fan of their support of the US Steel industry and jobs.

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Curvco Steel History

Curvco Steel Structures was founded by owners that had over 38 years of experience in the steel building manufacturing industry. The company prides itself on using only certified US steel.

As a company that cherishes the American employee, the builder ensures that their product meets all of the Buy America Act guidelines.

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the company uses commercial-grade steel to offer top-of-the-line corrosion resistance and durability. The company is so confident in their materials that they offer a 40-year rust-through warranty.

Do-it-yourself kits are pre-engineered using the industry’s most efficient equipment. The factory delivers direct to cut out the middleman and save consumers money in the process. Buildings are virtually maintenance-free, making them ideal for homeowners and businessowners alike.

Build Quality and Features

When you buy Curvco steel, you’re benefitting from:

  • High-end US steel
  • Heavy-gauge steel
  • Simple DIY kits
  • Meets codes in all 50 states
  • Custom engineering for special applications
  • Trained and responsible customer service agents
  • Leak- and fire-proof design concepts
  • 100% clearspan design with no beans or trusses
  • One-size nut and bolt construction
  • Permanent and temporary options
  • In-house CAD design team
  • 40-year perforation warranty

All steel used in the design process is 100% Galvalume, which means that it has a unique coating made of 55% aluminum, 43% zinc and 2% silicon. The coating offers a high corrosion resistance and is seven times more rust resistant than galvanized steel.

The hardware used in the construction is coated with a JS-1000 coating that provides superior resistance to saltwater. In fact, the bolts can be submerged for 1000+ hours, while standard hardware can only withstand up to 90 hours of the same test. This is the same coating that the US Armed Forces uses.

Curvco Steel Structures also offers an array of accessories, including vents, skylights, doors and other items to add to the building.

The company has a variety of different options to choose from to meet the goals of every residential and commercial application.

Curvco Steel Arch Homes

Curvco Steel Structures

Efficient and affordable, all prefab homes offer a fast quote, depending on the width and length of the home. The arch architecture adds to the overall durability of each structure. Homeowners can choose to customize the entire build to ensure their home is the right shape, size and appearance that they want.

Wood or vinyl siding can be used to make sure that the home matches the surrounding environment.

Curvco offers:

  • Steel House Kits that are predrilled and prefabricated to make construction as easy as possible. The lack of beams and trusses allow for open space and fast assembly.
  • Prefab House Kits use heavy-gauge steel that is able to withstand hurricane-force winds, snow and other elements.

Small metal building homes are also available to fit in with the green, tiny house movement.

Curvco Shipping Container Roof Kit

Shipping Container Roof

Shipping container roof kits are also available that offer easy assembly and disassembly as needed. These kits are easy to put up and have pre-punched panels to make the erection process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Buyers also have the ability to choose the option of enclosing the ends using strong steel for added durability.

Pricing is typically 30% to 40% less than normal construction methods.

Additional Building and Structure Options

Curvco Steel arch homes come in a variety of applications and can be used for:

  • Industrial use
  • Farm and agricultural
  • Trucking garages
  • Warehouse buildings
  • Workshops
  • Garage kits

Quonset hut kits make the building process economical. Unique solutions can be made, too.

These solutions allow for full customization to make the space as small or large as necessary. With lengths ranging up to 140’, these buildings can be utilized for a variety of industrial applications.

Customer support is more than happy to provide you with a quote on your potential project and provide any assistance you might need. When choosing the Quonset hut buildings, you’ll be able to get the industry’s best prices with the most efficient metal design.

Curvco Steel Buildings

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