Federal Steel Systems

Federal Steel Systems (FSS) is one of the leading pre-engineered metal building companies in the industry. Industry veterans formed the company, offering years of experience in the metal building industry.

Save Up To 33% On Your Kit

Founded on the back of frustration with the industry’s standards and quality of their products, these heavy gauge steel providers aim to provide:

  • Quality service
  • High level of satisfaction
  • Cost savings

Located in Denver, Colorado, the company’s buildings save you money and cost 30% less to insure. They’re considered lifetime buildings, all buildings are designed to local codes, and exteriors can be anything from brick to stucco.

Federal Steel Buildings

Standard Features in Federal Steel Systems’ Structures

FSS provides a variety of buildings in numerous industries, but one of the consistent aspects of the company is their quality construction and list of standard features. The standard features offered in all buildings are:

Primary Framing

The primary mainframes offer standard features that include:

  • “I” beam construction for added strength, with a PSI of 50,000 to 55,000 that far surpasses the industry standard of 35,000 PSI
  • Cold-formed and mill rolled roof beams and end wall columns
  • Factory welded plates

Secondary Framing

The secondary framing has a variety of unique features:

  • Girts and purlins with cold-formed “Z” sections and sizes of 8” to 12” in two-inch increments.
  • Steel gauge used ranges from 12 to 16.
  • Maximum purlin spacing of 5’ and distance of girts being 6’
  • Cold-formed C-section
  • 2” x 4” base angle


Multiple forms of bracing are in place:

  • Diagonal bracing that uses galvanized steel cables or solid rods
  • Flange bracing for higher loading combination

Easy installation and framed openings that are ideal for overhead doors.


Steel is coated to provide greater overall resistance and strength. The coating process includes:

  • G-90 steel that incorporates zinc into the metal to provide additional protection
  • AZ55 galvalume, which is hot dipped and offers 80,000 PSI
  • Paint coatings offering 14 colors
  • 24 gauge and 26 gauge roof and wall panels with 80,000 PSI versus the standard of 50,000 PSI


Multiple top-end fasteners are included:

  • Structural bolts
  • Self-drilling fasteners
  • Self-tapping fasteners

Sealants and Closures

The sealants and closures offer resistance to insect, fowl and rodents. Every building provides:

  • Closure strips
  • Weather-tight condition
  • Roof sidelap sealant
  • Gable flashing
  • Ends laps

A Butyl base is used in the construction for 99% solid content.

Gutter and Flashing

The downspouts, gutter and flashing offer 26-gauge Galvalume Plus steel that comes in a painted color. Flashing and trim are provided at the rake.

Plans and Drawings

All drawings and plans provided by the company are Engineered Certified Approval Drawings with clear instructions for erecting and assembling the building. There are details available for:

  • Elevations
  • Flashing
  • Cross sections

Roof and wall framing diagrams are also available. Parts are all assigned numbers to make the assembly process clear and concise.


Buildings Offered by Federal Steel

These Denver steel erectors offer building types to meet all of your needs.

Buildings offered by FSS include:

  • Agricultural
  • Arena
  • Aviation
  • Commercial
  • ExpressLine
  • Industrial
  • Self-Storage
  • Shop / Utility

FSS buildings can be customized to meet your unique needs. ExpressLine structures are some of the most convenient. When choosing these models, they come with foundation plans and are designed to be delivered as quickly as three weeks from the time of ordering.

Special delivery requests are available, but you will need to speak to one of the company’s building specialists to learn more.

When it comes to commercial buildings, you have a variety of options, from large bay doors that can span 60’ to climate-controlled environment systems. High R-value insulation panels for walls are provided, too.

Customers are able to request a free building quote to better understand the cost of their building.

Multiple roof pitch designs are available, with incremental roof pitches that can be provided. Roof pitch options include:

  • 0/12
  • 1/12
  • 2/12
  • 3/12
  • 4/12
  • 5/12
  • 6/12
  • 7/12
  • 8/12

When ordering, it’s important that FSS has access to the building site by a road or highway. The access point must be prepared in advance of the building’s arrival, and all obstructions must be removed.

If you order a building from FSS, one of the company’s agents will discuss all of your options with you as well as your requirements when having the building erected. FSS will work closely with you to design a long-lasting, functional building that meets your unique needs.

Federal Steel Systems

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