Kirby Building Systems

Kirby Building Systems originally began as a general contracting firm operating out of Houston, TX in 1955.  Four years after opening their doors, the company began selling and fabricating its own collection of steel buildings under the name Mes-Tex Steel Buildings. At the time, their products were produced out of their production plant in Houston.

Mes-Tex continued to grow, and in 1966, was purchased by Kirby Industries. That’s when the company got its Kirby Building Systems, Inc. name. Production relocated to Portland, TN.

nucor metal buildings

In 2007, Kirby was acquired by Nucor Metal Buildings and changed to an LLC.

Today, Kirby Building Systems ranks as one of the top 10 metal building manufacturers in the world.

Kirby Building System Products

Steel Framing Systems

Kirby Steel Framing Systems


Kirby’s steel framing systems are custom designed by the company’s in-house engineers using advanced 3D modeling technology. 3D modeling produces a virtual representation of your building, which allows for more accurate, thoughtful design process.

Primary Framing Options

  • Gable Clear Span: Designed for large open spaces. Can be designed in symmetrical or asymmetrical configurations.
  • Gable Modular: Available in both gable and single slope options. Providing multiple spans, this frame is ideal for buildings that are 80’ to over 300.’
  • Single Slope: A flexible solution that provides a sloping roof in one plane. Available in both clear span and modular.
  • Lean-to: Provides a sloping roof in one plane. Lean-tos are supported by and jointed to a main building frame.

Secondary Framing Systems

  • Roof Secondary Structural: Cold-form purlins in Zee Purlin and Eave Strut sections. Kirby also offers their open-web bar joist system called ClearBay.
  • Wall Secondary Structural: Flush girt, inset girt and bypass girt.

Insulated Metal Panels

insulated metal panels

Kirby offers insulated metal wall and roof panels that can be installed quickly and easily. Fasteners are concealed in the side panel joint for a seamless design.

Kirby’s insulated panels have:

  • Finished interior liners
  • Insulated foam core
  • Factory-installed air and vapor shield

The insulated foam core provides a reliable thermal performance even when girt and purlin center dimensions are varied. To increase the insulation, simply increase the thickness of the panels.

Roof Panel Systems

Kirby offers three roof panel systems:

  • KirbyRib II: An industry-standard system with quick and efficient installation. Roof panels have 1-1/4″ ribs on 12” centers. Panels are reinforced between ribs and offer 36” width coverage. Available in 26-gauge steel, but 22- and 24-gauge steel options are available.
  • SS360 Standing Seam: Floats on a system of sliding clips, which prevent damage from expansion and contraction. These panels offer 3” high trapezoidal ribs and 24” width coverage. The full 360º rolled seam ensures weathertightness.
  • Roof-Lok & Roof-Lok Plus Vertical Rib Standing Seam: Provides a 2” tall vertical seam and 16” coverage width. The panels are mechanically field-seamed using an electric seaming tool. Roof-Lok Plus systems have a 360º, double-lock seam.

Wall Panel Systems

Four types of wall panel systems are available through Kirby:

  • Reversed Roll: A semi-concealed fastener panel. Offers 36” wide panels with 1-1/4″ inverted major ribs at 12” centers.
  • KirbyWall Semi-Concealed: A semi-concealed fastener panel with a sculptured valley shape in between the major ribs. Offers 36” wide coverage with major ribs at 12” centers.
  • KirbyRib II Offers 36” wide coverage.
  • Insulated Wall Panels: A hidden fastener panel that offers energy efficiency.



Kirby’s mezzanine solutions allow buyers to maximize the overhead space in their buildings. Mezzanines add square footage and can be designed in a way that eliminates on-site welding.

Ecospan mezzanines feature 97% recycled steel joists and over 70% recycled steel decking.

Skylights & Daylights

Kirby Skylight

Skylights and daylights maximize natural light transmission and help reduce energy costs. Kirby’s prismatic skylights diffuse the light entering the building to reduce the need for artificial lighting.

The company’s skylight and daylight solutions include:

  • Curb mounted prismatic skylights
  • Roof curb systems
  • Smoke and heat vent skylights, which open automatically to release smoke, heat and toxic fumes from fires
  • Skylight systems with LED lighting and controls

Combining prismatic skylights with LED lighting can help companies reduce energy consumption by 40-60% each year.

Kirby can design a building with skylights, or the company can help customers retrofit their buildings with their solutions.

Kirby Metal Building Types

Kirby Building Systems

Kirby offers custom-engineered metal building systems that can be used for a variety of applications, including:


Solutions are available for both small and large manufacturing and industrial operations. Large clear spans maximize internal space. Kirby’s building system solutions can also accommodate heavy machinery and cranes.


Solutions for horse barns, farm storage and livestock barns. All of Kirby’s agricultural storage buildings and barns meet stringent specifications to ensure that equipment and livestock are protected.


Kirby’s large clear spans allow for the large open spaces needed for warehousing and logistics. Custom solutions allow buyers to create and build exactly what they need.

Buildings can be designed to virtually any specification, with flexible column spacings (or none at all).


Kirby’s building systems offer the flexibility needed to design and build recreation and athletic buildings. The company’s portfolio includes athletic clubs, practice facilities, ice rinks, gymnasiums, swimming pools and community recreation centers.

Full or partial mezzanines can be included in a building’s design.


From retail stores to restaurants, Kirby’s buildings can be used for a variety of commercial applications. Flexible interior and exterior design options allow buyers to create a building that’s on-brand and offers cost-effective maintenance.


Industrial Building by Kirby

What Makes Kirby Building Systems Unique?

Kirby’s products and philosophies offer a number of advantages over its competitors.

#1 – Sustainable Green Buildings

As an active member of the MBMA Energy Committee, Kirby takes sustainability and energy efficiency very seriously. The average metal building from Kirby is produced with more than 70% recycled steel.

When Kirby buildings reach the end of their useful lifespan, the materials can be recycled into a variety of steel products, including appliances, cars, bridges and other buildings.

An ISO14001:2015 Certified Metal Building Manufacturer

In order to receive ISO14001:2015 certification, Kirby had to be audited by an accredited audit firm. The process, which took an entire year, also included special training and education for each member of the Kirby team.

ISO14001:2015 certification provides a framework to help organizations:

  • Reduce the risk of pollution incidents
  • Minimize their environmental footprints
  • Remain compliant with environmental legislation
  • Improve their operations
  • Develop their businesses in a sustainable manner

#2 – LEED Certified Buildings

LEED certification is the standard for rating the design, operation and construction of green buildings. LEED certified buildings use less energy, which saves money on energy costs and reduces environmental impact.

Certification is done through an independent third party and ensures that buildings are designed and constructed to meet performance standards in five important areas: energy efficiency, sustainable site development, materials selection, water savings and indoor environmental quality.

#3 – Made in America

Kirby’s building systems are:

  • Made from U.S.-manufactured steel
  • Supplied by a U.S. company
  • Fabricated by American workers in American-owned facilities
  • Designed and detailed in the U.S.

#4 – BIM 3D Modeling and Design

Kirby uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) to generate and manage building data and components throughout its lifecycle.

BIM uses building geometry, geographical information, spatial relationships, quantities and component properties to build accurate, virtual replicas of buildings.

Using the BIM process, your project can be built virtually rather than just drawn in the traditional sense. The building owner also gets a digital copy of the completed model, making it easier to manage building maintenance.

BIM offers many advantages. Because it uses real project data, design issues can be addressed early on – well before any building begins. Structural, architectural and MEP system issues can be identified and addressed before construction begins.

Kirby makes it easy to view and manage your 3D building model through their partnership with Trimble Connect, a free software application.

#5 – Virtual Reality Representation

Kirby uses advanced 3D rendering solutions that allow buyers to see what their buildings will look like before they are even built. The company can work with you to create a virtual reality (VR) experience in which you can virtually walk through your building.

Kirby can work with the following technologies:

  • Oculus Rift (VR)
  • Google Cardboard (VR)
  • SketchUP & SketchUp Pro (3D renderings)
  • Microsoft HoloLens (augmented reality)

#6 – Certifications and Memberships

Along with its green metal building certifications, Kirby has other certifications and memberships that demonstrate its commitment to excellence, including:

  • IAS AC472 Accredited Metal Building Manufacturer: This certification verifies that Kirby complies with the inspection requirements of Chapter 17 of the International Building Code.
  • Member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA): Kirby is an active member of MBMA, which means their practices, engineering policies, and procedures are audited every year. MBMA also requires a review of the company’s design specifications, raw materials, building code compliance, software and quality control measures.

#7 – Custom Solutions

Kirby’s buildings are custom-designed using the most advanced design technology. The company’s building systems can be used in a wide range of applications and offer a variety of design options when it comes to:

  • Layout
  • Exterior siding
  • Roofing
  • Trim colors

Kirby makes it easy for buyers to choose their colors and preview their choices before the building is constructed. Their interactive color selector tool eliminates the guesswork of color choices.

Kirby buildings offer flexibility and are easy to expand. The metal walls and framework of the building can easily be removed to expand an existing building.

#8 – A Cost-Effective Solution

Kirby’s custom metal buildings are more cost-effective than conventional construction. According to the company, buyers can save up to 30% when choosing Kirby.

The significant savings is due to Kirby’s:

  • Efficient design process, which takes advantage of 3D BIM
  • On-site production at their IAS-accredited facility

Metal buildings are more cost effective overall compared to wood structures. Steel is highly durable and resistant to corrosion, termites and mold.


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