Ramtech Building Systems
In the world of commercial modular structures, Ramtech is an industry leader. The company has completed more than 3,500 projects since opening their doors in 1982. They offer a complete range of turn-key services, from the initial design phase to the final finish. Ramtech offers no-cost project planning and budgeting and serves as a single-source solution for your commercial structure needs, including:
  • In-house architectural and engineering design
  • Complete construction services
  • Full site development for larger projects
  • Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously
Ramtech has won numerous MBI awards of distinction and constructed more than 25 million square feet of building space over their 35+ years of being in business.

Ramtech Commercial Floor Plans

Ramtech modular offices Ramtech offers floor plans for a wide variety of applications, including:
  • Education
  • Commercial
  • Medical
  • Government
They offer unique floor plans for each type of application to meet the needs of businesses, agencies and organizations.

Foundation Options

Ramtech buildings have three options: permanent slab on grade, relocatable and permanent pier and beam foundation. Permanent Slab on Grade The Ramtech Permanent Slab on Grade system combines onsite and offsite construction for efficiency and quality.
  • 25-40% shorter construction period
  • 10-25% reduction in construction and design costs
  • No-cost budgeting and project planning
Permanent slab on grade is ideal for:
  • Retail malls
  • Office buildings
  • Medical centers and hospitals
  • Distribution centers
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Warehouses and distribution centers
Permanent Pier & Beam Ideal for small- to medium-sized commercial buildings, permanent pier and beam foundation allows for permanent construction.
  • Onsite construction services, including full site development
  • Ability to work on concurrent multi-site projects
  • In-house design and engineering services
Permanent pier and beam construction is ideal for:
  • Administrative offices
  • Office wings
  • Manufacturing industrial buildings
  • Retail and office buildings
  • Sports facilities
  • Retail shops
Relocatable Modular Plans commercial modular buildings Ramtech’s relocatable building plans allow structures to be quickly and easily relocated.
These structures are 80%+ completed at the manufacturing plant, including interior and exterior finishes.
These buildings have the quickest form of delivery, the ability to relocate to other locations, and potentially offer tax and financing benefits. Relocatable modular buildings are ideal for:
  • Science labs
  • Portable buildings
  • Multiple offices
  • Administrative offices
  • Pharmaceutical labs
  • Portable restrooms
  • Health centers

Floor Plans modular classrooms

Ramtech has dozens of floor plans for commercial and education purposes. Some of the most popular floor plan options include:
  • 100-man mess hall/rec center: 5,264 sq.ft. with full kitchen, pantry, walk-in freezer and refrigerator, media room, serving area, recreation room, 84-person seating capacity dining room.
  • 2-story offices: 54,000 sq.ft. open space with restrooms; 91,140 sq.ft. with open office area, restrooms, break rooms, 52 offices and conference room; 30,240 sq.ft. with open office area and restrooms.
  • 25-man mess hall/rec center: 672 sq.ft. with full kitchen, 24-capacity dining hall and walk-in pantry.
  • 250-man mess hall/rec center: 6,768 sq.ft. with full kitchen, walk-in freezer and refrigerator, pantry, janitor closet, media room, rec area, serving area and 168-capacity dining hall.
  • 30-man wash car: 611 sq.ft. with laundry room, storage, hot water heaters, six shower stalls and restroom.
  • 4-person office: 1,316 sq.ft. with four offices, break room, reception area, storage and restroom.
  • 4-room sleeper: 528 sq.ft. with four bedrooms, two restrooms, showers, closet, sink and desk.
  • 6-person efficiency: 1,760 sq.ft. with six bedrooms (desks in each one), closets, two full kitchens and two restrooms w/showers.
  • Bank building: 1,200 sq.ft. with lobby, storage, vault, offices and restrooms.
  • Camp infirmary: 1,540 sq.ft. with exam rooms, waiting rooms, storage, business office, nurse’s station, procedure room, lab, restrooms, consultation room and waiting area.
  • Modular office: 6,696 sq.ft. with 30 offices, restrooms, conference area and break room.

School Floor Plans

modular classrooms Ramtech was the pioneer in portable classrooms. In 1982, the company developed the concept of a modular-built, portable classroom, and today, that concept is used by hundreds of schools (public, faith-based and private) across the Southwest. Ramtech’s portable classrooms are easy to install and can be relocated quite easily. Double classrooms and multiple classroom buildings are available, so whatever your campus needs, Ramtech has a solution. Buildings can be leased or purchased through one of the company’s cooperative partners:
  • TIPS
  • BuyBoard
  • HGACBuy
For schools in Texas, the company maintains an inventory of state-approved double classroom buildings ready for immediate delivery. The modular classrooms in Texas take just a few months to get up and running, which allows schools to meet their needs quickly and efficiently. A wide range of education floor plans are available, including:
  • Computer Lab: 2,880 sq.ft. with storage closet, science lab classroom, prep room and computer lab.
  • Double Restroom Module: 408 sq.ft. and 576 sq.ft. options with toilet trailer and water heater.
  • Eight Classroom: 7,920 sq.ft. with restrooms.
  • Life Skills Building: 2,080 sq.ft.
  • Eight Room Open Office: 3,850 sq.ft. with eight offices, janitor room and two restrooms.
  • Fourteen Classroom: 13,200 sq.ft. with 14 classrooms with restrooms.
  • Life Skills Building: 4,736 sq.ft. open space.
  • Four Classroom: 2,976 sq.ft. with four classrooms.
  • Four Classrooms w/Restrooms: 2,976 sq.ft. with four classrooms and restrooms.
  • Nine Room Office: 1,925 sq.ft. with eight offices, lobby, storage, breakroom and 2 restrooms.
  • Double Classroom: 1,536 sq.ft. with two classrooms.
  • Double Classroom with Restroom: 1,536 sq.ft. with two classrooms and restrooms.
  • Science Lab: 3,328 sq.ft. with science lab classroom, storage closet, 2 classrooms and prep room.
  • Seven Room Office: 1,316 sq.ft. with four offices, reception area, restroom, break room and storage.
  • Seven Room Office (2): 1,650 sq.ft. with five private offices, two restrooms, lobby and storage room.
  • Single Restroom: 240 sq.ft. with four-stall toilet trailer.
  • Six Classroom: 6,160 sq.ft. with six classrooms and restrooms.
  • Six Room Open Office: 5,080 sq.ft. with six offices, restroom and an open office area.
  • 16 Classroom: 14,960 sq.ft. with 16 classrooms and restrooms.
  • 10 Classrooms: 9,680 sq.ft. with ten classrooms and restrooms.
  • 10 Room Open Office: 4,620 sq.ft. with ten private offices, two restrooms and janitor room.
  • 12 Classroom: 11,440 sq.ft. with 12 classrooms and restrooms.

Ramtech Education Projects

Ramtech has developed a number of projects for education facilities, including:
  • UT Dallas – Bio Lab Expansion
  • Arlington Classics Academy
  • Clary Sage College
  • Blue Ridge ISD – Middle and Elementary Schools
  • Arlington Classics – Bowen Rd. Campus
  • Beaumont ISD
  • Alief ISD
  • Eanes ISD
  • Blinn College
  • Texas Tech University
  • Melissa ISD
  • University of North Texas
  • Texas Lutheran University
  • UT Tyler
  • Houston ISD
  • Hubbard ISD
  • Kipp Delta Charter Schools
  • Plano ISD
  • Dillard University
  • Kilgore ISD
  • Tolar ISD
  • TCU – Athletic Practice Facility

Ramtech Warranty

The company stands behind its buildings and offers a one-year warranty on new permanent modular buildings and relocatable modular buildings they manufacture and install in the U.S. The one-year warranty period starts from the date of the building’s occupancy. If there are any issues or defects with the building during the one-year warranty period, Ramtech will repair or replace the issue at no cost.


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