Triumph Modular

Modular School Construction by Triumph Modular

For more than 4 decades, Triumph Modular has been providing temporary and permanent commercial modular buildings. As a specialty contractor, Triumph can assist with pre-construction, developing project schedules, the budgeting process and construction management. They do commercial grade quality, high-end work and it shows. Industries Served Triumph serves a variety of industries. Some of their … Read more Triumph Modular

Williams Scotsman Mobile Products & Services


William Scotsman has a long history that dates back to 1944. Williams Mobile Offices launched with an 8’ construction trailer that could be towed by a vehicle. In 1955, Williams Mobile Offices was incorporated, and ten years later, the company launched its first double wide mobile office. Since its launch, the WillScot company has expanded and … Read more Williams Scotsman Mobile Products & Services

Why Modular Construction Is The Right Option For Classrooms & Office Space

Modular Design

Traditional construction methods take a long time to erect. If a company is looking into expanding office space or a school needs additional classroom space, it could take months for the project to complete with stick-built construction. Classroom buildings can take up to a year to build, even without accounting for budget reviews, permits and … Read more Why Modular Construction Is The Right Option For Classrooms & Office Space

Mobile Office Trailers 101

Mobile Office Trailers For Rent or Sale

Mobile office trailers provide ample working space without the expense, time and hassle of building a permanent structure. Trailers can be leased or purchased, and a wide range of sizes and options are available. What are Mobile Offices Used For? Because of their easy installation and portability, mobile offices can be used for a variety … Read more Mobile Office Trailers 101

Mobile Mini Storage Solutions

Mobile Mini

If you’ve ever driven past a construction site, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen a Mobile Mini storage container. While they’re most commonly seen at construction sites, Mobile Mini’s storage solutions have many applications. In fact, the company is the #1 portable storage company in the world. What is Mobile Mini? Mobile Mini is … Read more Mobile Mini Storage Solutions