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Cassone is a certified Women-owned Business Enterprise (WBE) that specializes permanent and temporary modular buildings. Family-operated since 1976, the company offers a full range of storage containers, office trailers, storage trailers, modular classrooms and more.

Located in Ronkonkoma, NY, the company primarily serves customers in NY, NJ and CT, but they can deliver anywhere in the world.

Purchase, lease and finance options are available. Cassone’s buildings have been used by private schools, the Great South Bay Festival, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and more.

Industries Served

Cassone Trailers
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Cassone’s buildings are suitable for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Residential
  • Municipalities
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Security
  • Special events
  • Education

Residential – Cassone Tiny Homes

Cassone Tiny Homes

For those who want to join the tiny home movement, Cassone has a variety of options to choose from, whether you want a vacation home or to downsize your life.

The company has two lines of tiny homes:

  • Stone Harbor – 12′ x 37’
  • Shore Park – 12’ x 38’

These homes come with all of the standard features you’d expect in a home, including:

  • Carpeting
  • Standard roof with 25-year shingles
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Full kitchens
  • Living areas
  • All appliances

One advantage that Cassone offers is that their homes come fully furnished. All homes have a detachable hitch, so they can easily be transported wherever you like. All homes are customizable to match your taste and lifestyle.

Business and Construction – Office Trailers

Cassone Office Trailers
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Cassone offices trailers can be purchased for permanent or temporary use, but customers can also lease their trailers. Office trailer rentals are ideal for customers that only need an office temporarily.

Cassone offers construction trailers and mobile offices at affordable prices. Their trailers can be used for more than just commercial purposes. They can also be used at special events as ticket booths or concession stands.

All of Cassone’s trailers are equipped with:

  • Electrical systems
  • Hearing and cooling systems
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • 4” hitches for easy portability

Cassone’s office trailer models include:

Single Offices

These offices have built-in desktops, plan tables and filing cabinets:

  • CA 820: 8’ x 20’ – $10,825
  • CA 824: 8’ x 24’ – $11,900
  • CA 825: 8’ x 25’ – also has a half bathroom – $13,750

Office/Storage Combo

This office has a desktop, filing cabinet, plan table and a storage area with a roll-up garage door.

  • DA 832: 8’ x 32’ – $16,025

Dual Office Models

These models have two office spaces, built-in desktops, filing cabinets and plan tables.

  • CA 832: 8’ x 32’ – $13,525
  • CA 836: 8’ x 36’ – also has a half bath

2-3 Office Models

These models include two to three offices as well as the standard built-in desktop, filing cabinet and plan table. They also come equipped with a half bath.

  • CA 1040: 10’ x 40’
  • CA 1050: 10’ x 50’

Three Office Model

This office has the standard features (desktop, filing cabinet and plan table), but it also has a half bath.

  • CA 1260: 12’ x 60’

Modular Office

A standard modular field office with four private offices, a half bath and a common area.

  • CA 2460: 24’ x 60’

Container Offices

Office Containers
© Cassone


Along with conventional mobile offices, Cassone also offers container offices. All of these offices are outfitted with the same features that modular offices offer, including private offices, vinyl floors, VCG interior walls, sliding windows, steel exterior doors and optional security packages.

The following sizes and 2022 prices are available:

  • 8’ x 10’ – $10,900
  • 8’ x 15’ – $12,600
  • 8’ x 20’ – $14,650
  • 8’ x 30’ – $12,300
  • 8’ x 40’ – $21,000

Some models, like the 8’ x 20,’ have optional bathrooms and office/storage combos. Like other Cassone buildings, container offices can be customized to your needs.

The container offices from Cassone can also be used for events as concession stands, ticket booths, press boxes and more. These are freestanding buildings that can easily be ported to anywhere you need. Containers can also be stacked for more space.

The size and features of these containers also makes them a good fit for security guard booths. All of these containers can be customized to your needs, and they can be rented or purchased through Cassone.

Education – Modular Classrooms

Modular classrooms
© Cassone

Modular and portable classrooms give schools the extra space they need without the cost of a adding a permanent addition. Cassone offers a wide range of modular classroom options as well as custom solutions to meet the school’s needs. Purchase and lease options are available to accommodate the budgets of schools in the tri-state area.

Cassone’s modular classroom projects include:

  • Custom Build for a Private School: Used for classroom and guidance office. Includes six rooms.
  • Single Classroom for a Private School: Includes two separate rooms, two teachers’ desks and 24 student desks.
  • NYS Coded CL 2870: A double classroom, with 20 student desks in each classroom. Each room has its own half bath.

Each of these classrooms feature unique exteriors to match the look and feel of the schools they are designed for.

For classes big and small, Cassone has the right solution for your needs.


Climate Controlled Storage Containers

Climate Controlled Storage Containers
© Cassone

Cassone offers climate controlled storage containers that can be used in a variety of applications. Climate control ensures that the items you’re storing stay safe and protected from damaging moisture.

The ground level climate controlled storage options from Cassone include:

  • 10’
  • 20’
  • 30’
  • 40’

Other climate controlled storage sizes include:

  • 8’ x 10’
  • 8’ x 20’
  • 8’ x 30’
  • 8’ x 40’
  • 16’ x 20’
  • 16’ x 40’

All of the company’s storage containers are wind-, water- and air-tight. They’re constructed with heavy-duty corrugated steel, which is resistant to fire and vandalism. They can also provide custom containers with lighting, shelving, roll-up doors and other features built to your specification.

All of Cassone’s container buildings meet all codes, including NYS, the Manual of Planning Standards, Section and the NY State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building.

Cassone offers a wide range of permanent and portable modular buildings in the tri-state area. The company’s award-winning team can help customers find the right building for their needs, whether it’s a custom build or an existing design.



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