Mobile Mini

If you’ve ever driven past a construction site, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen a Mobile Mini storage container. While they’re most commonly seen at construction sites, Mobile Mini’s storage solutions have many applications. In fact, the company is the #1 portable storage company in the world.

What is Mobile Mini?
Mobile Mini Storage Solutions

Mobile Mini is a world leader in the portable storage industry.

The company has 139 locations in the United States, 2 locations in Canada and 15 locations in the United Kingdom.

Mobile Mini’s total rental fleet includes 200,000 storage and office containers. Their storage solutions are trusted by a variety of markets and industries, including:

  • Construction companies
  • Hotels
  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • S. military
  • Schools
  • Entertainment complexes
  • Distributors
  • Utilities
  • Medical centers
  • Households

Some of their well-known customers include Conoco, BHP, Halliburton, DuPont, Shell Oil, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Motiva Enterprises and Dow Chemical.

Mobile Mini’s portable and temporary storage solutions can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Jobsite offices
  • Storage for excess inventory
  • Office expansions
  • Warehouse
  • Storing seasonal merchandise
  • Security guards
  • Sporting events

Mobile Mini is considered the most secure container in the industry, virtually eliminating the fear of theft. They offer a wide variety of container sizes, renowned customer service and weather resistance.

What Sets Them Apart from Other Portable Storage Companies?

How did Mobile Mini become the leading portable storage company in the world? They offer features and security that make them stand out from the crowd.

Flexible Door Options

Mobile Mini offers two door options, so you can choose the option that is most convenient for you.

  • Single entry
  • Double entry

They also offer optional premium doors that can be opened with just one hand. These solid doors are designed to protect your items from thieves and the elements.

Truly Secure Locks

Mobile Mini truly does have some of the most secure storage containers in the industry. Their patented locking system ensures that only you – or anyone with a key – can access your storage unit.

Tri-Cam Locking System

Designed to offer vault-like security, the Tri-Cam Locking System has a waist-level opening lever. This makes it easy for authorized persons to open the container with just one hand. The system includes interlocking doors that keep thieves out.


ContainerGuardLock is an optional security device made of hardened steel that has a six-pin tumbler system. The system is virtually drill-resistant, so your items stay safe and secure.


All of Mobile Mini’s storage and office containers are made from 100% corrugated steel. Their storage containers are weather-resistant and highly durable.

Climate Control

Mobile Mini’s offices have wall-mounted HVAC Systems to give you complete control over the office’s indoor temperature. Climate control ensures that you stay comfortable on the jobsite.

Ground Level Access

Units with ground level access make it easy to load and unload items.


Mobile Mini can deliver your storage container or office to your location. Each of their locations has a fleet of trucks that can handle just about any delivery need. The company says that it can deliver to any location within their operating states.

Mobile Mini uses its own fleet to deliver storage units and offices. They never rely on third-party companies for delivery. Their drivers have an average of 10 years of experience to ensure safety and efficiency.

If you plan to have a storage unit delivered to your home, you’ll need to meet the following requirements for delivery:

  • For 5’, 10’ or 20’ containers: Clearance of 60 linear feet
  • For 35’ and 40’ containers: Clearance of 120 linear feet
  • Delivery trucks require a vertical clearance of 21’ for the loading and unloading of containers

First-Class Customer Service

Mobile Mini is committed to providing first-class customer service. They consistently receive high marks for their customer support and are available 24/7 to provide assistance.

Their Net Promoter Score is in the 80th percentile, while their Customer Effort Score ranks above a 9 on a 10-point scale.


Storage Solutions from Mobile Mini

Mobile Mini offers a wide range of portable storage and office solutions.

Mobile Mini Portable Offices / Mobile Office Trailers

Mobile Mini Portable Office Trailers

Mobile Mini office trailers are comfortable and highly secure. The portable offices from Mobile Mini have the same vault-like security features we discussed earlier:

  • Tri-cam locking system
  • ContainerGuardLock

Three different office solutions are available:


The standard ground-level office comes in three sizes:


The 10’ office is ground-mounted with the following dimensions: 8’H x 8’W x 10’L. It has a 16-gauge door skin as well as a welded frame. MMI patented bolt lock technology and a heavy-duty weld hinge system make this office ultra-secure.

The office interior features vinyl tile floors and drywall textured ceilings and walls. The exterior features 16-gauge steel siding, drip rail gutters, 1-1/8” plywood sub flooring and 10-16-gauge floor.

A vertical HVAC system provides climate control. The office also has exterior phone jack access.


The 20’ office is also ground mounted with the following dimensions: 8’H x 8’W x 20’L. It also offers all of the same high-security door features that the 10’ office offers.

The exterior features all steel structural components, drip rail gutters, 1-1/8” plywood sub flooring, 10-16-gauge floor and 16-gauge steel siding.

Like the 10’ model, this office has vinyl tile flooring as well as drywall textured walls and ceilings. A wall-mounted HVAC system keeps the office comfortable, and there’s an exterior phone jack as well.

The 20’ office also offers some door options, including:

  • Exterior security
  • Windows and doors
  • Mini blinds
  • Hydraulic door closure
  • Horizontal slider windows w/screens
  • MMI high security door system


The 40’ office is ground mounted with the following dimensions: 8’H x 8’W x 40’L. This is the largest floor option in the standard category and it offers all of the same features that the 20’ office offers.

This model also has 2 vertical HVAC systems as well as fluorescent ceiling lights and a 125-amp breaker panel. For convenience, this office has two doors.

Due to the length of this office, a clearance of 120’ feet is required to have this product delivered.


The extra-wide office solution is ideal for cases where you need extra room for desks. This office comes in the following dimensions: 8’H x 10’W x 30’L.

The exterior of the office features all steel structural components, drip rail gutters, 1-1/8 plywood sub floors, 16-gauge steel siding and 10-16-gauge flooring.

The interior features are similar to the standard office options.

Office Storage Combo

Mobile Mini also offers an office storage combo product with two sizes: 20’ and 40’. These offices feature an interior compartment for storage of valuables and supplies.


The 20’ office is ground mounted with the following dimensions: 8’H x 8’W x 20’L. This office/storage combo features all steel structural components, drip rail gutters, 16-gauge steel siding, 10-16-gauge flooring and 1-1/8” sub flooring.

The interior has vinyl tiling, drywall textured walls and ceilings, and a vertical HVAC system.


The 40’ office is ground-mounted and has the following dimensions: 8’H x 8’W x 40’L. This solution offers more space and has all of the same features as the 20’ office/storage combo.

If you need a more long-term storage solution, you can find a Mobile Mini office for sale directly from the company. If you need a short-term solution, renting is the best option.

Mobile Mini Storage Containers

Mobile Mini Storage Containers

Mobile Mini’s storage containers offer a variety of storage containers for your portable storage needs.

The company offers three main options for their storage containers:

Standard Width

The standard storage containers come in five different lengths and have multiple door options. They are all made of 100% corrugated steel and offer weather resistance to keep your items safe and secure.


The 10’ container has internal dimensions of 7’8-1/2″W x 9’10-1/2″L x 7’10-1/4″H and offers a volume of 598 cubic feet. This is a single-entry storage container, but you can choose between the standard door and premium door options if you need extra security.


The 15’ container has internal dimensions of 7’8-1/2″W x 14’10-1/2″L x 7’10-1/4″H and provides a volume of 900 cubic feet. This storage container offers double entry, and the ability to choose between standard and premium doors.


The 20’ storage container has a volume of 1,203 cubic feet and internal dimensions of 7’8-1/2″W x 19’10-1/2″L x 7’10-1/4″H. This is a single-entry container with standard and premium door options.


Mobile Mini’s 25’ storage container has an internal volume of 1,506 cubic feet and dimensions of 7’8-1/2″W x 24’10-1/2″L x 7’10-1/4″H. With this storage container, you can choose between single entry and double entry. You can also choose between standard and premium doors.


The longest storage option in the standard width category. The 40’ storage unit has an internal volume of 2,414 cubic feet and dimensions of 7’8-1/2″W x 39’10-1/2″L x 7’10-1/4″H. This container offers double entry and the option of choosing between standard and premium doors.


Mobile Mini also offers extra-wide storage containers for storing larger items or for retail space. Two sizes are available: 18’ and 25’.


The 18’ extra-wide container offers an internal volume of 1,292 cubic feet and dimensions of 9’6-1/2″W x 17’2-3/4″L x 7’10-1/2″H. This single-entry container offers both standard and premium door options.


The 25’ container has an internal volume of 1,778 cubic feet and dimensions of 9’6-1/2″W x 23’10-1/4″L and 7’10-1/2″H. This larger container has double entry, but there are no door options available.

Record Storage

Designed to provide secure document storage, Mobile Mini’s record storage containers come in two sizes: 12’ and 23’.

Both types of storage containers are made with 100% corrugated steel and are weather resistant. They also feature Mobile Mini’s locking systems for extra security.

In addition, record storage containers may also offer the following options:

  • Record Boxes: Letter and legal size boxes are available. Other sizes are available for document storage upon request.
  • Ramps: Container ramps make it easy to load and unload your documents. All ramps have non-slip surfaces and are painted orange for added safety.
  • Brackets and Rails for Shelving: Customized brackets and rail shelving systems can accommodate different widths at any height.


The 12’ record storage container offers an internal volume of 934 cubic feet and internal dimensions of 10’W x 11’6”L x 8’1-1/2″H. The container has one office door and shelving for convenient storage of your records.


The 23’ record storage option has an internal volume of 1,832 cubic feet and internal dimensions of 10’W x 22’6”L x 8’1-1/2″H. This larger storage unit has two office doors and shelving for added convenience.

Mobile Mini Prices

storage containers for sale

How much does it cost to reserve a Mobile Mini storage container or office? That depends on the size of the container and the length of the rental.

Fortunately, Mobile Mini makes it easy to get a free quote on your storage solution. Just fill out a quick form, and a representative will get back to you with a quote.