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For more than 4 decades, Triumph Modular has been providing temporary and permanent commercial modular buildings. As a specialty contractor, Triumph can assist with pre-construction, developing project schedules, the budgeting process and construction management.  

They do commercial grade quality, high-end work and it shows.

Industries Served

Triumph Modular
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industries served

Triumph serves a variety of industries. Some of their noteworthy projects include:


  • Carroll School
  • Bishop Feehan High School
  • Boston Renaissance School
  • Chariho High School
  • Inly Montessori School
  • Needham Newman Elementary
  • Newton Oak Hill Middle School
  • Westfield State College
  • Haley School
  • Lexington High School
  • North Andover Preschool
  • Sprout Space


  • Aggregate Industries
  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • USTA
  • F1


  • Cambridge Hospital
  • Bethany Healthcare

Housing and Residential

  • Acton Housing Authority

Triumph offers two primary modular products: relocatable (temporary) buildings and permanent modular structures.

Triumph Relocatable Buildings

Relocatable Modular Buildings
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Triumph takes a different approach to temporary buildings, offering attractive, functional designs that provide healthy indoor environments.

Unlike with permanent structures, the company’s temporary buildings can be relocated or removed when needed. Leasing options are available, making it even easier to get your hands on an attractive temporary space with minimal commitment.

Triumph uses advanced building techniques and high-quality materials when constructing their relocatable buildings. Third-party inspections, administered at random, help ensure quality control standards.

Temporary structures are designed to meet local, state and national building codes. They also offer the following benefits:

  • Quick Deployment: Because they are temporary structures and already built to meet building codes, Triumph’s relocatable buildings can be ready for use in just days. If you need a custom design, a custom structure can be built in half the time a conventionally built building.
  • Cost Savings: Modular structures are built off-site in a controlled environment, which reduces construction costs. Buildings can also be relocated and repurposed as needed, eliminating the need to invest in a new structure.
  • Factory-Built: Modules are built individually in an off-site factory environment, and then assembled at the site. This means that buildings can be constructed in half the time because site work and home construction can occur simultaneously.
  • Quality: Prefabricated buildings are constructed with high-quality materials in a controlled factory environment.

24’ x 60’ Double Wide Modular

Triumph’s 24’ x 60’ double wide modular is the go-to option for temporary facilities. The structure, which comes in two sections, can provide space for:

  • Four, 144-square-foot offices
  • A common working area
  • One restroom

The structure can be customized to meet your needs and offers the following features:

  • I-Beam frame
  • Wood or aluminum siding
  • Vinyl or carpeted floors
  • Suspended or gypsum ceilings
  • Paneled or vinyl-covered gypsum walls
  • Fluorescent ceiling lights
  • Central HVAC system

Mobile Office Division

Mobile Office Trailers For Rent or Sale
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In addition to their collection of temporary modular buildings, Triumph also has a mobile office division.

Mobile offices have the following features:

  • Steel doors and latches for added security and a modern look.
  • Low-E glazed windows to reduce heat transfer and lower energy loss by 30%-50%.
  • Reflective roofs, which reflect heat to reduce energy costs.
  • Wood or aluminum siding
  • Paneled or vinyl covered gypsum walls
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Suspended or gypsum ceiling
  • Central HVAC
  • Fluorescent ceiling lights

A variety of mobile office floor plans are available for lease through the division, including:

  • 8’ x 24’ (160 sq.ft.)
  • 8’ x 32’ (224 sq.ft.)
  • 10’ x 36’ (320 sq.ft.); also available with a bath option
  • 10’ x 44’ (400 sq.ft.); also available with a bath option
  • 10’ x 50′ (460 sq.ft.)
  • 12’ x 60’ (672 sq.ft.); also available with a bath option

12’ x 60’ Pro-Space Office

Triumph’s Pro-Space Office is a part of the company’s collection of NextGen Green Mobile Offices.

This office space includes several upgrades, such as:

  • Larger windows for more natural daylight. Double-pane glass slows the transfer of heat, and low emissivity glass reflects radiant heat while allowing light to pass through.
  • Insulated steel doors with recycled plastic sweeps to seal out air movement. Weather stripping provides air tightness to minimize energy loss.
  • Programmable thermostats to control energy usage and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. The HVAC systems in these trailers will shut off automatically if it does not detect movement in one hour.
  • Motion detectors and lighting level sensors turn off lights when areas are unoccupied or if enough natural light is available.
  • Water conservation features are available in units with restrooms. These bathrooms have hands-free faucets with low-flow water closets.

Showers and Lockers

Triumph offers temporary modular buildings outfitted with showers and lockers. Lawrence Academy in Groton, Massachusetts used Triumph’s services to add a temporary locker room to the school’s hockey rink.

For this project, the school customized the space to their needs. The interior finishes included wainscoting, custom-built lockers and crown molding. The exterior was also customized to match the building it’s attached to.

20’ and 40’ Storage Containers

Triumph also offers portable storage containers and container offices for lease and sale. Containers are available in 20’ and 40’ options.

Triumph Permanent Modular Construction

Triumph Permanent Modular Construction
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In addition to temporary structures, Triumph also specializes in permanent modular construction or PMC.

These structures are built to the same tough quality standards and meet building codes, but they are designed for permanent use.

PMC buildings offer the same benefits as temporary structures:

  • Quick construction
  • Cost savings
  • Strength and durability

Triumph’s “Volumetric” building blocks are built to near completion, with ceilings, floors, walls, lighting and other systems in place before being transported. Once complete, these blocks are shipped to the site. Modular buildings can be single or multi-story.

Triumph Pre-Construction and Construction Management Services

Modular Office Building by Triumph
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Triumph, which is a member of the Modular Building Institute (MBI), provides pre-construction and construction management services in addition to their modular structures.

Construction management services include:

  • Zoning and permits
  • Logistics
  • Site preparation
  • Delivery and erection
  • Utility lines
  • Foundations, roads, landscaping and more

Site preparation accounts for a large portion of the work when erecting a modular building. Triumph Modular offers turnkey solutions, which means that they take care of site work and everything else needed to prepare your lot for the structure.

Site work can include:

  • Preparing for the foundation
  • Grading
  • Landscaping
  • Constructing driveways
  • Adding walkways
  • Installing septic systems or connecting to sewer systems
  • Installing wells or connecting to city water systems
  • Preparing and approving of permits
  • Installation of utilities

Along with site work, Triumph can also take care of laying the foundation. The company has the capability of developing virtually any type of foundation for your project, including:

  • Pre-cast blocks
  • Poured-in-place grade beams
  • Stem-wall

Triumph doesn’t stop at the construction phase. They also provide turn-key site finishing work.

If you need paved driveways, walkways or other areas, they can assist with this as well. For the final touch – landscaping – Triumph’s commercial landscaping services will save you time and bring your project to life. The company offers landscape installation, hardscape installation, decorative structures, and irrigation and water management services.

Triumph Modular

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