Duro Steel Buildings is a family-owned company that designs and manufactures affordable, quality steel building systems. Duro has been a leading steel provider for more than two decades, and the company is trusted by industry leaders, like Disney, SpaceX, John Deere, Carnival Cruise Lines and Harley-Davidson.

The company’s line of DuroSpan kits make affordable steel buildings accessible and affordable.

Why Choose Duro Steel Buildings For Your Arch Building Kit?

Duro Span Steel Buildings

A variety of building kits are available through DuroSpan. Arch style buildings are made of AZ60/AZ180 Super Galvalume Plus coated steel, an alloy consisting of aluminum, zinc and silicone. Duro uses 14- to 22-gauge steel for their buildings.

Duro Span buildings are truly customizable, offering any width up to 100’ and virtually any length. A variety of endwall options are available, and the company also offers endwall adapters. You have the option of installing side entrances, including sliding doors, service doors and overhead doors. You can install Duro doors, or you can install your own frame for a custom door.

Each building is designed to your local building codes, and the Duro Span can even provide stamped engineered drawings.

#1 – Energy Efficient

Duro Span buildings have a trussless, clear span design that can accommodate any type of conventional insulation, including fiberglass rolls, spray on or rigid foam. Duct installation for HVAC systems is also very easy.

The high aluminum content of the Galvalume coating helps keep the interior of the building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

#2 – Simple Foundation Requirements

Duro Span buildings have pre-drilled foundation connectors that are easy to lay and provide long-lasting, accurate and strong construction.

#3 – Ventilation Systems

Buildings from Duro Span provide unobstructed airflow and have one of two types of ventilation systems:

  • Turbine
  • Gravity

You also have the option of installing a custom ventilation system.

#4 – Easily Expandable

Because the buildings use panels that are fastened together with a single-size nut and bolt system, it’s easy to extend the length of your building. Just add more arches to expand your space.

#5 – Quick Delivery and Installation Assistance

Most buildings are shipped out in just 3-4 weeks after placing an order. Duro Span offers installation services virtually anywhere.

Most customers erect their own buildings, and construction only requires the help of four people. All of their buildings can be erected without heavy machinery, making them ideal for placement in remote locations.

Plus, all buildings can easily be disassembled and moved to a new location, so they’re ideal for use as temporary structures. Once the building is assembled, you can add walls, partitions or do virtually anything else you please with the interior.

#6 – Extensive Warranties

Duro Span buildings are backed by two warranties:

  • 30-year warranty against corrosion on the steel panels
  • 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects

Types of DuroSpan Buildings

residential quonset hut steel arch building

Duro Span offers a variety of steel arch buildings and Quonset hut kits. Their building categories include:


  • Widths of 16’ to 60’
  • Virtually unlimited lengths
  • Straight-sided buildings
  • Multiple radius
  • Clear span, arched design


  • Widths of 19’ to 100’
  • Virtually any height and length
  • Trussless, clear span construction
  • Single-radius
  • Steep sidewall clearances


  • Widths of 20’ to 50’
  • Varying center heights and virtually any length
  • Cathedral-style peaked roof w/4:12 pitch


  • Mini steel buildings
  • Widths of 10’ to 20’
  • Clear span design
  • Straight sides
  • 18” (w) x 4” (d) pre-punched panels


  • Widths of 16’ to 40’
  • Varying center heights
  • Virtually unlimited lengths
  • Variety of sidewall clearance heights
  • Ideal for garages, workshops, mechanics, offices, recreational storage and retail

All of the buildings from Duro Span are extremely durable, easy to erect and can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Residential
  • Workshops
  • Garages
  • Retail space
  • Agricultural use
  • Recreational vehicle storage
  • Grain storage
  • Aviation
  • Offices
  • Auto mechanic services

The steel buildings from Duro Span provide superior protection against:

  • Snow
  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Earthquakes
  • Fire
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Theft
  • Rodents

On top of all of these benefits, Duro Span buildings are virtually maintenance-free. They’re also backed by a 30-year warranty against corrosion.


Duro Buildings for Sale on eBay

Where can you buy your Duro Span kit? EBay!

Durospan Buildings For Sale

Duro Steel Buildings has been in business for decades, and the company has 100% positive feedback on their eBay store.

Plus, you enjoy steep discounts when you order through the eBay marketplace.

The company has more than 1,600 reviews on eBay, and not a single one is negative or even neutral – they are all positive.

Plus, Duro Steel has metal buildings of different sizes ready for purchase right now. The building prices on eBay are extremely affordable considering the high quality of the buildings. There’s no need to wait for a quote, and you can see more detailed photos of each building listed.

Whether you’re looking for a new workshop, a building for your agricultural operations or something in between, Duro Span has a building kit that will meet your needs and budget.

Duro Steel Buildings