Powerbilt Steel Buildings
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Who is PowerBilt Steel Buildings?

PowerBilt is a professional quonset hut manufacturer with over 40+ years of experience and hundreds of thousands of buildings manufactured.   The company is the leading Quonset builder in the United States and invests heavily in their factories to achieve great ratings for all of its buildings. The company’s track record includes an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. Proudly made in America, the company:
  • Manufacturers all kits and models in Pennsylvania
  • Complies with all US and Federal laws
  • Builds the largest arch style buildings in the world
When working with PowerBilt, you can be confident of a few main things:
  • Factory direct shipments remove the middleman and keeps costs down for consumers.
  • Construction is easy with an assembly model provided and can be erected in as little as three days with just four workers available. The construction includes 70% bolt-together construction with no requirement for special tools.
  • Durability is provided with nearly no maintenance required. You will benefit from steel arches that don’t have paint or shingles to replace, nor gutters.
  • Warranties are long-lasting, with a 30-year, six-month warranty on all AZ55 galvalume coating warranty. All steel comes with a 40-year warranty from United States Steel Corp.
  • No beams or trusses that get in the way and take up space. The entire building has 100% usable space so that you get exactly what you pay for when constructing your building.
  • Coated steel with aluminized, silicone and zinc coated steel. The coating has been tested worldwide and has been shown to withstand the harshest weather conditions.
Customer service is always paramount. Over 5000 buyers will contact the company annually, and be met with a well-trained and educated team that provides the utmost in customer service from the time you order until the building is erect for years.

PowerBilt Quonset Hut Kits & Models

S-Model quonset buildings PowerBilt comes with numerous models and conforms to the “Buy American Act.” The buildings and kits are 100% made in the US. There are four main models to choose from:
  • A-model
  • S-model
  • P-model
  • T-model
  • R-model
  • Q-model
A-Model The A-Model has a width of 10’ to 100’ with:
  • Durable roof system
  • US commercial grade steel
  • Bolt together design for a weather tight seal
S-Model The S-Model has a curved roof with widths between 12’ and 50’. The S-Model boasts:
  • Straight sides
  • Round roof
An S-Model building is best suited as an aircraft hanger, RV or boat storage and storage for the agricultural industry. P-Model The P-Model has a pitched roof and straight sides. Widths span from 14’ to 30’ and is ideal for several purposes, including:
  • Workshop
  • Garage
  • Storage unit
A nice perk of the P-Model is that it can be built by a single person and is an economical building. T-Model The T-Model has widths of between 20’ and 50’ with a unique learning style. A T-model shape allows you to place the building against existing structures as an addition or a well-fitting add-on. The T-Model kit is what you’ll want when additional space is required. R-Model The R-Model building has a durable roof system and lengths from 10’ to 100’. Consumers use this building because it can be added to existing walls and provides a leak proof option with zero maintenance. The building bolts together to create a weather tight seal. Q-Model A Q-Model kit with sizes from 20’ to 100’. The unit has a military design, which adds to the model’s strength and durability. The Q-Model is able to withstand the harshest of elements and is the company’s most versatile steel building. The building can be used for nearly everything, including:
  • Livestock
  • Shops
  • Warehouses
  • Skating rooms
  • Indoor stadiums
All of the buildings provided are given personalized service with precision manufacturing and the highest quality control. Each kit benefits from a few unique design concepts, too. These concepts include:
  • PowerBilt panel overlap with a flat, no crimp designs. The last 9” of the panel is straight. Fit is snug and the design allows the building to be built in 30% to 40% less time. No caulking or weatherproofing is required thanks to the panel overlap.
  • Roof and Sidewall material is rust-through proof, meets ASTM International standards, meets all ASCE code and has a 9” overlap. The roof and sidewall have two rows of bolts and is also 16-gauge beam overlap.
  • Hardware has passed 500 hour salt spray tests and is five times more resistant than competing hardware.

Quonset Garages

quonset hangar Garages are one of the most common kits sold by PowerBilt. Everyone wants a garage, but most people know that an attached garage can lead to higher energy costs and can be quite expensive to add. With PowerBilt, you’re able to purchase the fastest buildings kits that can be put up at the best speeds and rates in the industry. PowerBilt allows you to fully customize all Quonset Hut garage kits with the following:
  • Color
  • Size
  • Look
When ordering, you can request a quote and will be able to add in a plethora of customization options to make the building truly unique. Garages can be large enough to hold boats and RVs, or they can be small enough to hold a small piece of farming equipment. You have plenty of options available, including an entry bay and door. The top-selling quonset huts that are offered by PowerBilt includes:
  • Sheds
  • Carports
  • Hangars
  • Barn kits
  • Garage kits
Customers provide a slew of pictures that you can browse to view how they have been able to customize their kits and buildings. There is a vast library of pictures available to you. Workshops, commercial and industrial buildings and even government buildings and auto garages. Service areas are across the United States and in Alaska and Hawaii, too. PowerBilt has the buildings, material and easy building requirements that allow for a single person to erect some of the buildings on their own, while most buildings require just four people to erect.