Versatube Building Systems
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VersaTube’s motto is simple: Dream It. Build It.

The company offers construction kits for adults with pre-engineered, steel building kits that can be customized to meet the needs of consumers.

VersaTube’s Story

VersaTube was founded twenty years ago by two best friends: Tim and Bruce. The two neighbors used their skills, Tim as a product manufacturer and Bruce an administrator, to solve a problem that they were having.

The first product they made was a premium, tubular steel hammock stand. The stand was a major hit and would be picked up by one of the largest hammock companies in the country.

Sadly, the hammock company was sold and no longer needed Bruce’s and Tim’s stand.

As innovators, the two would create swaging and slip-fit connections that innovated the industry. The two products made the building process akin to putting LEGOs together.

VersaTube was born out of this innovation, and the company’s kits use the same connections to consumers across the United States:

  • Carports
  • Shelters
  • Barns
  • Sheds
  • Garages
  • Other building projects

Service Area

VersaTube has hundreds of DIY kits to choose from, and you can configure models to your exact needs. When choosing the company for your building kits, you can be confident that they’ll ship to anywhere in the United States.

The company also sells their products at major retailers across the country.

All kits are manufactured in either Arizona or Tennessee, so you can be confident that you’re spending money on a company that supports the local community.

Residential Steel Building Kits Offered

versatube frontier steel garage kit
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VersaTube pre-engineers all of their kits to offer consumers the easiest assembly process at an affordable price without skimping on quality. Construction using the slip-fit design makes constructing these buildings as simple as putting a LEGO set together, but they’re built for real-world projects.

When you choose VersaTube buildings, you’re choosing a company that offers 100% USA made steel products that are backed by a 20-year frame warranty.

These products can be shipped to consumers from some of the largest retailers in the US.

Multiple building kit options are available, including:

Shelter and Carport Kits

Affordable option for DIY Carport Kits

VersaTube offers do it yourself carport kits in a variety of sizes, from small ports for single cars to large RV carport kits and RV cover options.

There are more than 400 standard models to choose from, but it is possible to design your own. VersaTube also offers a floor planning option, which allows buyers to visualize how their building will look when placed on their property.

With VersaTube’s Slip-Fit frame, it’s possible to build a shelter or carport in a single afternoon using common tools.

The company’s carports and shelters are made from 2” x 3” American galvanized steel treated with a triple layer of corrosion protection. This coating is resistant to rust for even greater durability. They feature 29-gauge sheet metal panels.

All kits are backed by a 20-year frame warranty.

When choosing a carport or shelter, there are many options.


  • Pinnacle
  • Classic


  • Widths ranging from 8’-30’
  • Lengths ranging from 10’-48’
  • Heights ranging from 6’-14’

Roof Style

  • Frame only
  • Roof only
  • 3-sided
  • 2-sided

Whether you need a carport for your truck, four-wheelers or RV, VersaTube has a solution for you.

Building and Garage Kits

Multiple size options available

VersaTube has more than 100 garage and building kits to choose from in a wide range of sizes:

  • Widths ranging from 12’-42’
  • Lengths ranging from 21’-48’
  • Heights ranging from 8’-14’

The VersaTube Frontier steel garage kit and Summit kits are made with high-quality, heavy-duty American steel that’s galvanized and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Like other VersaTube products, these kits are backed by a 20-year warranty and can be built using common tools.

A variety of colors are available as well as options, including:

  • Front walls: 1 or 2 openings
  • Back walls: Fully enclosed, or openings
  • Doors and windows
  • Roof, siding and trim

Colors include green, red, white, brown, charcoal and stone.

Barns and Loafing Shed Kits

20+ Models available

Consumers can choose from 20 standard models of barn or loafing sheds.

Frame shipments are in as little as 17 days for these products, but the shipping terms can change. A variety of models are available, with pricing ranging from $1,475 to $36,126.

The kits come with a 20-year warranty and options to choose:

  • Colors
  • Style
  • Customization

The barn and shed kits provide details on the gauge of the steel, frame length information, garage door opening size and even spacing. Shipment details are provided on the page to help you properly plan for receiving, including the total weight and pallet size.

You can even add stalls to the Highlander Horse Barn, which spans a massive 36’ x 36’ x 13/8’.

Customization options are available on most barns and loafing sheds. When you choose to customize, you can choose everything from length and width to the number of stalls (for barns) and whether you want a frame only or fully sheeted product.

Frame only models require you to sheet the entire building yourself, or you can choose the sheeted model, which includes all of the sheets.

Colors can be chosen for the roof, wall and trim.

A member of the design team will assist consumers during the entire customization process.

Where to Buy VersaTube

VersaTube products can be purchased at stores such as Lowes and Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Sutherlands and Menards. VersaTube DIY kits can also be purchased on Amazon and eBay. When making your purchase, be sure to read reviews on the product or seller if using eBay.