Best Shipping Container Home Builders

Dreaming of living in your very own shipping container home? It’s an excellent choice. Shipping container homes are fast and easy to install, affordable, fire-resistant, pest-resistant, rot-resistant, and fully stackable and scalable. You can customize a container home with any look you desire.

Even though shipping container homes are within the realm of some folks’ DIY expertise, not everybody is up to the task. Thankfully, numerous shipping container home builders have formed to meet the demand for beautiful, long-lasting container homes.

In this post, we will introduce you to some of the top shipping container home builders and their models and pricing.

After the overviews of our recommended builders, we will go over some of what you should look for when you are choosing a builder for your project.

1. Honomobo


Honomobo is without a doubt our favorite container home company. Modern, inviting and functional they focus on minimalism, sustainability, and a connection between the indoor and outdoor worlds.

If you enjoy elegant modern architecture, natural light, and expansive views, you will probably love the look of Honomobo homes.  We love all of their builds and helped several clients work with them directly on custom builds.

“Honomobo is a home. It can be used as an ADU, a carriage/laneway home, garage suite, lake front getaway, tiny house, or stacked on a garage and is built to meet the local building code. Order a Honomobo and it’ll be ready for you, whatever your purpose, in just 12 weeks from production start date.”

Honomobo takes pride in the speed of its delivery and installation, stating that by going with them, you can reduce project schedules by up to 50%.

Honomobo H Series Floor Plans

  • HO2 – 2 bed 1 bath 640 sqft
  • HO3 – 2 bed 2 bath 960 sqft
  • HO4 – 3 bed 2 bath 1280 sqft
  • HO5 – 3 bed 2.5 bath 1600 sqft
  • MOBO – 96 sqft ADU

2. Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living is a manufacturer based near Kansas City, Missouri. The company has been in business since 2015. The founder, Robert Wagoner, had experience with traditional home construction prior to getting into container homes, so he has brought together the best of both worlds in Custom Container Living.

One great thing about Custom Container Living homes is that the majority are certified manufactured homes. So, if you are worried about getting a home that is up-to-code, look no further.

Homes and Models

container home builders

Floor plans available from Custom Container Living include:

  • The Professional – 160 sq. ft.
  • The Weekender – 160 sq. ft.
  • Backyard Bedroom – 160 sq. ft.
  • The Bachelor(ette) – 160 sq. ft.
  • Empty Nester – 320 sq. ft. (lofted)
  • Happy Twogether – 320 sq. ft.
  • The Pioneer – 320 sq. ft.
  • Dwell Well – 480 sq. ft.
  • Double Duo – 640 sq. ft. (single or double bedroom)
  • Family Matters 2 Bedroom – 960 sq. ft.
  • Family Matters 3 Bedroom – 960 sq. ft.
  • Luxury 4 All 3 Bedroom – 960 sq. ft.
  • Roommates – 160 sq. ft. (two sleeping lofts)
  • Double Bunk House – 320 sq. ft.
  • Four Person Bunk House – 320 sq. ft.
  • Six Person Bunk House – 160 sq. ft.

Their Core Packages start out at around $40,000, and range above $180,000.

When you choose a layout, you receive “Core” features such as premium doors and windows and a ductless mini-split. But you can also customize your home with upgrades like special finishes for the interior and exterior, different roof styles, custom counters and backsplashes, various sink styles, and so forth. You can opt for additional appliances as well.

Best For:

What we love about Custom Container Living is that this company’s catalog of homes literally includes something for everyone. No matter how large or small your family, and no matter what square footage you are after, you can find a layout to suit you. There are even some non-traditional layouts here like the cool “Roommates” model, which supports a unique lifestyle of shared autonomy.

backcountry containers

3. Backcountry Containers

Backcountry Containers was founded by engineer Jon Meier and his wife, designer Kristen Meier. Their first build was a 20 foot container home that went viral. Since then, Backcountry Containers has been featured on Tiny House, Big Living, and now offers a number of different models while also taking on custom projects.

Homes and Models

texas container home builder
Modern Farmouse Container Home by BackCountry Containers

Models include:

40ft Container Home
Starting at $90,000

20ft Container Home
Starting at $63,000

20ft Container Office
Starting at $49,000

20ft Hunting Container Cabin (Waiting list only right now)

40ft Hunting Container Cabin (Waiting list only right now)

Keep in mind that these are just the standard models the company offers. You can also order a custom build from Backcountry Cabins. All custom homes are built out of units measuring 20 feet or 40 feet, but it is completely up to you how you want to stack and combine them to achieve your perfect layout.

Numerous custom features are available, such as screened-in porches, workshops, decks, rooftop gardens, and more.

Best For:

Backcountry Containers’ name emphasizes rural settings, and true to their name, this company puts an emphasis on making the most of the outdoors. That means that if you are in the market for a home with a view, you will do well to order from this company. You can tell them about your property and they will build your home to offer you the best views and to help you experience your surroundings at their best.

This is a custom builder that does not shy away from specificity in terms of projects. So, if you have a challenging idea, ask them for a quote. No matter how unusual your requested features are, they will probably find a way to make them work.

4. Relevant Buildings

Relevant Buildings

Next up, we have a unique company called Relevant Buildings. Their motto explains their name: “appropriate to the current time, period, or circumstances.” The company seeks out shipping containers from shipyards in the West Coast that are sitting around not doing anything, and upcycles them into beautiful homes. Their structures are built to UBC code.

The founder, a developer named Carl, was inspired to build shipping container homes after an act of arson resulted in the destruction of a pole barn while it was being built. Metal, he figured, was superior, and the shipping containers were going to waste in the shipyards. The site explains, “Through Relevant Buildings, Carl is promoting a simpler lifestyle and a new culture of homebuying that offers people better options for living with a reduced impact on their wallet and our planet.”

Homes and Models

Relevant Buildings offers two categories of models: Residential & ADU, and Office & Multifamily

Residential & ADU

  • Box Car 3: 1,646 sq. ft.
  • Box Car 2: 1,280 sq. ft.
  • De Lux River 40’: 1,117 sq. ft.
  • Suite Teahouse: 998 sq. ft.
  • Tea House 20’: 770 sq. ft.
  • Suite Spot City 40’: 689 sq. ft.
  • Suite Spot River 40’: 663 sq. ft.
  • De Lux 20’ – High Walls: 586 sq. ft.
  • De Lux 20’ – Short Walls: 558 sq. ft.
  • S-ADU De Lux 20’: 542 sq. ft.
  • De Lux Bungalow 20’: 517 sq. ft.
  • Ramona 40’: 466 sq. ft.
  • Step 2: 356 sq. ft.
  • S-ADU City 20’: 320 sq. ft.
  • Step 1: 320 sq. ft.
  • Carport 40’: 320 sq. ft.
  • Carport 20’: 160 sq. ft.

Office & Multifamily

  • Office 320: 320 sq. ft.
  • Office 460: 464 sq. ft.
  • Office 750: 753 sq. ft.
  • Community Pod: 682 sq. ft.

Both 1- and 2-story structures are available. Additionally, these are stackable modular units, so you can arrange to combine them in any way you choose. Shell prices range from around $52,000 at the lower end up to around $204,700 at the upper end.

When you order, you have the option of letting the company take care of finishing and placement, or you can instead finish your own unit to save money.

Best For:

If you want to buy your home from a company that puts an emphasis on green practices while manufacturing container houses, Relevant Buildings may be ideal. This company upcycles used containers rather than using new ones, and even has solar panels on the roof of the shop to operate at net zero.

5. CW Dwellings

There is not a whole lot of info about the history and background of CW Dwellings, but this company has been around since 2016, and appears to be based in Pennsylvania. The two main focuses of CW Dwellings are affordability and style.

Homes and Models

container home manufacturer
Finished Prototype by CW Dwellings

Models of container homes available from CW Dwellings include:

  • HS30E00 House Eagle 960
  • HS10E00 House Sparrow 320
  • HS42E00 – House Albatross 1760
  • HS01E01 House Sparrow 208
  • HS02E02 House Owl 416
  • HS03E03 House Eagle 624
  • HS20E00 – House Owl 640 – 3 Bedrooms
  • HS20E00 – House Owl 640 – 2 Bedrooms
  • SH02E02 Shelter Owl 416
  • SH20E00 Shelter Owl 640

You can either purchase one of these standard models, or you can have the company work with you to design a custom container home from the ground up. To get a quote, you will need to contact CW Dwellings directly.

Best For:

We would recommend CW Dwellings if you are in the market for a container home that will have a modern, somewhat minimalist appearance. This is the company’s speciality.

Kubed Living
Bob’s Containers

6. Bob’s Containers

Bob’s Containers creates residential and commercial container structures and offers a flexible process that you can adapt to your needs. The company explains, “You can either browse and select one of our models available, elect to build it yourself with varying levels of help, or bring your own custom design to us for a quote.”

Homes and Models

container homes texas

20 Foot Container Homes

  • The Abilene
  • The Beaumont
  • The Cleveland
  • The Dripping Springs
  • The Kerrville

40 Foot Container Homes

  • The Porter
  • The Joshua
  • The Alpine
  • The Magnolia
  • The Bluegrass
  • The Birch
  • The Cedar
  • The Elgin
  • The Evergreen

Bob’s Containers also manufactures multi-units as well as container home DIY kits. Most of the 20 foot models are between $40,000 to $50,000 (one of them actually costs less than that). The majority of the 40 foot models are in the $50,000 to $60,000 range.

Best For:

We suggest considering Bob’s Containers if you are looking primarily for flexibility and affordability. These homes are a very good deal, and having a range of options for how involved you are in the building process is excellent if you happen to be a DIYer.

7. Kubed Living

Kubed Living was founded by a real estate broker named Katalina Klein. This company can manufacture a container home in just 1-2 months.

Homes and Models

Here are the standard models you can buy from Kubed Living:

  • K240
  • K640
  • K288
  • K480
  • K320
  • K800 Flex
  • K960
  • K960

With pricing starting at around $110,000 and ranging up above $284,000, these container homes are a bit more “premium” than some of the others we have shared on this list. Kubed Living offers extensive options for customizing their homes, including a range of styles and materials for cabinets, floors, siding and more. You can also choose appliances and lighting fixtures. The builder can handle fully custom projects as well if you want a completely original design.

Along with residential structures, Kubed Living provides commercial and backyard buildings.

Best For:

For beautiful, high-quality container homes with a lot of options for personalization, consider Kubed Living. Just be aware that you may need a bigger budget than you would for some other builders.

What to Look for When Choosing a Shipping Container Home Builder

What is important when you are comparing builders for prefab container homes? Here are some things to assess:

  • Location: The closer the manufacturer is to you, the more likely it is that shipping costs will be low. If you are very close, you could even potentially drop by to tour some of their models.
  • Layouts: One of the most important considerations is whether the builder has standard layouts that appeal to you, or is willing to help you design a custom layout from scratch (or build a layout you already designed yourself).
  • Basic features: Check what basic features are included with the price of each home.
  • Optional features: What optional features can you pay extra for to enhance your home?
  • Styles: What styles of container homes does the manufacturer specialize in? Modern homes? Traditional homes? A mix of styles?
  • Process and timing: What is the overall ordering process like, and how long does the builder typically take to complete a structure?
  • Materials: Check whether the container home builders you are considering are using high-quality, rugged materials, and whether they are being sourced in an eco-friendly way.
  • Manufacturing: The manufacturing techniques that a company uses can impact the quality of the final product, as well as how green it is.
  • Pricing: The price range for container homes can vary considerably from builder to builder based on a lot of different factors. Check the base prices as well as costs related to finishing, optional features, shipping, and so forth.
  • Level of customization: Some builders focus on putting out prefab units that are more or less alike, while others are willing to go the distance to totally personalize your home for you. Still others fall somewhere in between.
  • Customer service: Finally, during the process of designing and building your home, you are going to want top-shelf customer service at all times. That way, you always know the status of your build and have as much control as possible over the process.

Build Your Container Dream Home Now

When it comes to buying a shipping container house, there are numerous options out there. Any of the container home builders we shared in this post will be up to the task of building you the perfect prefab container home of your dreams.

Ready to get started? Click on any of the links in this post to request quotes from these shipping container home manufacturers.