Metal Pole Barns

Metal pole barns and pole buildings have become a popular choice for a variety of applications. DIY kits and custom building options are available, making these structures available to people in virtually all budget ranges.

What Is a Pole Barn?

what is a pole barn building?
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A pole barn is a type of post frame structure, and just as the name suggests, it uses posts as a framing member. The posts, which are buried a few feet into the ground, make up the barn’s foundation.

Pole barns originated in the 1930s during the Great Depression. Farmers needed to find cheap materials to construct their buildings, so they turned to telephone poles. And so, the pole barn was born.

Metal Pole Buildings Advantages

By nature, pole barns are less expensive and easier to construct. Eliminating the foundation saves both time and money. It’s not surprising that pole barns have remained popular in the agricultural sector, but these structures are now used for other applications, from commercial to homes.

The use of metal in pole building construction adds to the efficiency, cost savings and durability of these structures.

Some of the many benefits of metal pole buildings include:

#1 – Quicker, Easier Construction

One of the more complicated aspects of building any structure is the foundation. In addition to being expensive, foundations can also take a great deal of time to plan and prepare.

With a pole building, there’s no need to worry about a foundation. It doesn’t matter if the ground is unlevel, if you have gravel laid down or if you just want to put your barn on top of a pile of dirt. The building itself is supported by the poles, so there’s no need for a concrete foundation.

Not only does this cut down on costs and construction time, but it also gives you more freedom in where you place your barn.

Pole barns are easier to construct, too. Do-it-yourselfers and contractors can easily build a pole building in less time than their stick-built counterparts.

#2 – More Affordable

In most cases, pole buildings are less expensive to construct than stick-built structures. Along with being less labor intensive, pole buildings also require fewer materials.

Depending on your use of the building, you may not need a foundation, and this can greatly reduce the cost of the project. Foundations can account for up to 20% of a building’s cost, so pole buildings can equate to significant savings.

Even if you do decide to lay a foundation, the costs will still be lower because you won’t be required to meet the same codes as stick-built structures.

#3 – Energy Efficient

Because pole buildings have wide spaces between posts, there are fewer thermal breaks in the insulation. Overall, pole buildings, when insulated properly, can be more energy efficient than conventional buildings.

Pole buildings also offer better ventilation, which means better indoor air quality and a more comfortable interior.

#4 – Design Flexibility

Pole buildings offer more flexibility in terms of design. Doors and windows can be as big or small as you want without adding to construction costs.

Common Uses for Metal Pole Buildings

Commercial Pole Buildings

Although agricultural use has been the primary use for metal pole buildings for quite some time, these structures can be used for virtually any purpose, including:

Commercial Purposes

Metal pole buildings are a great choice for commercial purposes, including:

  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial purposes

The affordability, durability and quick construction of pole buildings make them a great option for commercial operations, especially new businesses on limited budgets.

She-Sheds, Mancaves and Studios

On the residential front, metal pole barn kits are used for she-sheds, mancaves, art studios, gyms and other recreational or leisure purposes.

Many kits are DIY-friendly, which means that everyday homeowners can construct these pole buildings themselves or with a handful of people. This saves on construction costs. Costs are also lower because there’s no need for a foundation.


Pole buildings can naturally be used for agricultural purposes, from storage of equipment to livestock housing.

A metal truss pole barn offers many advantages, including weather resistance and durability.


Pole buildings are ideal for storage purposes because they offer open interior space and allow you to maximize the use of vertical space.


Metal pole buildings are becoming an increasingly popular option for homes. They offer flexibility in terms of design as well as affordability and speedy construction.

Metal Pole Barn Builders

The metal pole building industry continues to grow as demand increases. Some of the most popular and respected metal pole barn builders include:

LTH Steel Structures

LTH has been in the business for more than 20 years. They offer free, accurate quotes and display pricing on their website. More than half of the steel used for their metal buildings is recycled. Prices are as low as $6,800.

Walters Buildings

Walters Buildings has been in business since the 1950s. The company started out as a pole barn builder for farmers, and today, their buildings are still made in America. Walters is committed to providing quality buildings and offers customers the personal attention they deserve.

Curvco Steel Structures

Curvco has been manufacturing agricultural buildings for decades, and they offer metal barn kits that are easy to assemble. Their pre-engineered buildings are made with quality materials, and they have two tiers of kits available: basic and premium.

Lester Buildings

Lester Buildings has also been in business for several decades. Since opening their doors in 1947, Lester has manufactured more than 170,000 pole barns nationwide. All barns manufactured by Lester are backed by a Lifetime Structural Design Warranty.