Elk Valley Contemporary Tractor Barn

Tractor Barn

Most metal building manufacturers will offer options for customizations, or you can create a custom metal tractor barn from scratch. Naturally, most tractor storage buildings are less design centric and more rugged functionality focused.

What does a custom tractor barn look like?

Let’s take a look at a great example of a custom tractor shed: the Elk Valley Tractor Shed from FIELDWORK Design and Architecture. The Elk Valley Tractor Barn looks more like a modern ADU than a storage building.

Located in Hood River, Oregon, the Elk Valley shed provides 820 square feet of space. It’s used to house farm equipment and tractors. The parking area is lined with landscaped pathways and walls, helping the building blend in with its surroundings.

The structure features a metal exterior that wraps seamlessly from the wall to the roof to keep the interior dry and comfortable. The shed’s openings are at the center of the structure to maximize cross-ventilation and natural light. A single skylight allows in more natural light to reduce the need for artificial lighting inside.

The Elk Valley contemporary shed is a prime example of how a simple tractor shed can still be practical, functional and a work of art.

Check out FieldWorkDesign.com for more information.